Exhibitor Manual

Exhibitor Console

The Exhibitor Console helps organize your show life by keeping all of the important forms for your company listing, booth space details and staff in one place. It includes information on registration, housing and customer invitations.

The Exhibitor Housing deadline to submit for priority assignment has passed. All requests will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Exhibitor Console
to access these forms.


Service Order Kit

In addition to the show rules & regulations, the SOK contains all the information you need to order any amenity for your booth space or meeting room space including furniture, utilities and floral.

Access the Service Order Kit.


Exhibitor FAQs

This show is for Trade Only!
No one under 18 years of age will be admitted onto the trade show floor.


How do I sign up for exhibit space?

Please see our Become an Exhibitor page for more detailed information.

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What is included in the exhibit space costs?

  • Raw Space: Exhibit space is sold as raw space which means carpet, furniture, electrical or Internet is not included with the booth space cost (Exceptions might be if the booth is part of a turn-key pavilion — see pavilions and zones below).
  • An allotment of exhibit staff badges: The number of badges is based on booth size. These badges gain you access to the exhibit floor and keynotes however do NOT include admittance to the VIP Club, CTIA Education Sessions or certain partner events.
  • Hall Pass Customer Invitations: Invite your customers or prospective customers to attend the event with a complimentary exhibits pass. This offer allows you to inform your most important customers and prospects that you will be showcasing your latest and greatest and just where to find you! (Valid for exhibit floor & keynote sessions. Offer expires July 30, 2015!)
  • Promotion of your company in the Exhibitor List: This is published on the show website and in attendee marketing brochures sent to hundreds of thousands of prospective attendees. 
  • Show Logo on Your Website: The ability to promote your presence at the CTIA Super Mobility 2015 show by placing the official show logo on your website or if you are interested you can post a direct link to the show registration page. Go to the Marketing & PR Toolkit for more information. 
  • Media Interview Rooms: Interview rooms located in the onsite media center may be reserved for interviews in half-hour time slots throughout the show. We encourage you to plan ahead as space is very limited and always fills up prior to the event. To reserve a room, please email Megan Largent.

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After I submit a contract, what happens next?

After your contract is processed, you will receive an email confirmation of your exhibit space. An invoice for your space will follow. The 50% deposit is due net 30 days after receipt of the invoice. If the required 50% deposit is not received within those 30 days, your exhibit space will be released back into the available inventory.  After May 1, 100% of contracted exhibit space fee is required.

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What resources are available for first-time exhibitors?

Please find the below list of resources for first-time exhibitors.

For an overview of what to order for your booth, please review the Service Order Kit (SOK).

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Who should I contact about my booth construction?

John Cesaretti, Operations Manager, can be reached at (202) 736-2988 and/or jcesaretti@ctia.org. Exhibitors must submit booth renderings for approval.

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What furniture and utilities come with my booth?

CTIA sells raw booth space. Each 10' x 10' linear booth will be set with 8' high black back wall drape, 36" high black side dividers and a 7" x 44" one-line identification sign with Company Name and Booth Number. The exhibit area is NOT carpeted; however, the aisles will be carpeted in tuxedo. The only exception to the above is if you are part of a pavilion, which may include a turn-key exhibit package—check with your Business Development Manager for more details.

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How do I order items for the booth?

Once your company is a confirmed exhibitor you have access to the following show materials:

  • Exhibitor Console – includes info on registration, housing and hall pass customer invitations.
  • Sponsorship Kit – featuries information on advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Service Order Kit (SOK) – contains all information you might need to put the finishing touches on your booth presence including furniture, utilities and floral.

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When do I set-up my booth?

Freeman coordinates the move-in/move-out schedule for the show. Please review the Inbound Freight Target Schedule to see when your assigned move-in time is. Questions should be directed to the local Freeman office. All booths must be set up by 5:00 PM the day prior to the show opening.

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What height limitations do I have with my booth construction?

Linear booths (10' by 10' up to 10' x 30') may build their booth to a height of eight feet (8'). In the first five feet (5') of depth the maximum height of any display is four feet (4').

CTIA has adopted the cubic content rule for island booths. All island exhibitors may use the entire booth space up to the maximum allowable height limitations without set back rules. The maximum height for island booths that are at minimum 400 square feet and have aisles on 4 sides or have dimensions no less than 20' w x 20' d is 23', including hanging signs and or towers. Please refer to the CTIA Super Mobility 2015 rules and regulations for further information.

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Am I allowed to hang a sign in my booth?

Only Island Booths (20' x 20' or larger with aisles on all four sides) may hang signs in their booth. Linear booths (10' in depth) may NOT hang any signs and all decoration must be floor supported. Exhibitors must submit sign renderings for approval. The sign may not exceed 60% of the length of the booth’s longest dimension. As an example, the length of a sign over a 20' x 60' booth may not exceed 36'.

Please refer to the Hanging Sign section in the Service Order Kit, in the CTIA Rules and Regulations or the Hanging Sign Request Form within the Exhibitor Console for more information.

Further questions? Please contact John Cesaretti, Operations Manager, at (202) 736-2988 or jcesaretti@ctia.org.

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What pavilions and zones are on the show floor?

CTIA hosts a number of pavilions and zones as well as entry-level launch pads.

If you are interested in more information or in coordinating a pavilion, please contact the sales team.

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How do I reserve a meeting room?

Please see our secure meeting space page for more detailed information.

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Where does my exhibitor badge grant me access?

Your exhibitor staff badge (part of your booth package) gains you access to the keynote sessions and to the exhibit show floor. Access to the exhibit show floor begins two hours prior to the scheduled exhibit floor opening and allows access for one hour after the exhibit show floor closes.

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What advertising and sponsorship options are available?

Please see our Become a Sponsor page for more detailed information.

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Where can I find the Pre-Registered Media List?

Contacting the media in advance of the show is the best way to drive coverage for your show announcements. CTIA exhibitors, partners and sponsors must complete the Exhibitor PR Contact Form to create a PR contact account, gain access to the pre-registered media list—which contains the names, contact information and beats/areas of interest for reporters and analysts who have “opted in” to receive news and updates from exhibitors, and receive other valuable information from the CTIA PR team.

The pre-registered media list will be available for download approximately 6 weeks before the show.

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How can I get an invitation letter for my visa application?

Please see our International page for US Visa Information.

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