Agenda by Topic

To help you navigate the many offerings at CTIA Super Mobility 2015, we have compiled a few agendas based on key topics:

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Cybersecurity & Privacy

The best way to protect yourself and your company is to take the lead and learn exactly what you need to know RIGHT NOW about cybersecurity and privacy best practices, de-identification, privacy engineering, government regulations and other hot-button topics that are vital for keeping your company’s data and operations secure. See full agenda…


Emerging Technologies

What happens when an innovation goes a step further and becomes “disruptive”? How do you foster early recognition, adaptation and, ultimately, new opportunities for profit? You’ll not only find the latest technologies ready for market; through targeted education and access to the industry’s brightest minds, you’ll also learn to identify the emerging technologies that will be the new standards in the near future. See full agenda…


Future Mobile Networks

From 5G & next gen networks to microcells, MBMS to security, the foundational fabric of wireless—present and future—will be on display and up for debate. Take advantage of features like targeted education, after-hours networking events, the Tower & Small Cell Summit, the Testing Solutions Pavilion and the M2M Zone. See full agenda…


Mobile CE / Retail

From accessories to pre-paid, repair solutions to customer engagement platforms, this is where you’ll find the industry’s newest and biggest retail opportunities—just in time for the holiday season. Take advantage of benefits like targeted education, after-hours networking events and the Mobile CE and Retail Stage. See full agenda…


MobileCON & Business IT

Immerse yourself in a pool of cutting-edge talent and technology. Learn from the best minds in mobile tech. Network and share ideas with other IT execs who are defining and developing the connected business. MobileCON combines IT-specific exhibits, programming, networking activities and Q&A sessions—all to address your IT challenges and opportunities. See full agenda…


Networked Society

By connecting everyone and everything, Ericsson is creating a limitless world that provides more freedom, empowerment and opportunities than can be imagined. Come see the technology solutions that support the amazing transformation ahead and promise to forever change the way we live, work, play and collaborate globally. See full agenda…


Policy & Spectrum

No matter how advanced your technology or how innovative your product/service is, unless you have a thorough grasp of how government policy relates to mobile, you’re taking unnecessary risks. Through wide-ranging overviews, deep dives into specific issues and interaction with Washington insiders, you’ll be ahead of your competitors by knowing what’s happening in D.C. See full agenda…


Startup City

What’s new and surprising in wireless—and beyond? How are visionary entrepreneurs creating value with technical innovation, and what novel practices are they using to lead their organizations? New this year, CTIA has devised a way to answer these important questions: Startup City is a next-gen innovation station that spots trends and fosters business by connecting inventors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. See full agenda…


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