Media & Analyst Credential Requirements

CTIA Media/Analyst Passes are only provided to FULL-TIME reporters and free-lancers who work for established print, online and broadcast news organizations and industry and financial analysts employed FULL-TIME by a recognized research firm.

Please review CTIA Media/Analyst Pass requirements below:
Not eligible for a CTIA Media/Analyst Pass? Please proceed to Attendee Registration.

A history of being registered at previous CTIA shows DOES NOT guarantee approval or waive the credential requirements. You will need to follow the application guidelines below. Completing the registration application does not guarantee that you will receive a Media/Analyst Pass. CTIA will review your registration application and notify you within two (2) weeks if your application has been accepted or denied.

CTIA reserves the right to revoke CTIA Media/Analyst Passes at any time. CTIA Media/Analyst Passes will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for CTIA shows is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering them as working news media.



Print & Newswire Reporters

To qualify as media, print and newswire reporters, you must provide:

  • A bylined industry-related article from your publication written by you and published within the last two (2) months; the copy must clearly show the name of your publication and your byline.

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Freelance Reporters & Photographers

CTIA accepts full-time freelance reporters attending on behalf of established news organizations. Marketing, PR, business development or other industry executives who contribute bylined articles to news outlets, online sites or blogs ARE NOT eligible for CTIA Media Passes.

To qualify as media, freelance reporters must provide BOTH:

  • A letter from an editor on official organization letterhead stating that you are covering the CTIA show on assignment for their news organization;
  • A bylined, industry-related article from the publication you are representing, published within the last two (2) months; the copy must clearly show the name of the publication and your byline.

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Online Reporters

Only reporters from commercial news websites qualify for CTIA Media Passes. Websites must be previously established and updated regularly with original and current wireless industry news. Fan sites, personal blogs or Web site writers, designers, editors or creators do not qualify for media credentials.

To qualify as media, online reporters must provide:

  • A link to your website displaying your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity, including a bylined, industry-related article from your publication, written by you and published within the last two (2) months; the copy must clearly show the name of the publication and your byline.
  • NOTE: The website must have a paid reporting staff of two or more. Websites must post original, dated, industry-related news at least once per week. Websites must have paid advertising and a paid reporting staff of two (2) or more employees. Website content must extend beyond newsletters, links, forums, personal diaries, opinion and personal analysis. Company websites, fan sites, personal blogs and news aggregator sites DO NOT qualify for Media Passes. Website copy writers, designers, creators, marketers, sales, business development staff, etc., DO NOT qualify for Media Passes.

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Broadcast Journalists & Photographers

Please Note: Each member of a broadcast crew must register separately.

To qualify as media, broadcast journalists and photographers must provide:

  • A link to an article or page displaying your name on the masthead in an editorial capacity; OR
  • A letter from a producer/editor on company letterhead—with contact information—stating that you are covering CTIA Super Mobility 2015 on assignment.

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Industry and Financial Analysts

To qualify as media, analysts must hold an analyst title from a recognized research firm or financial institution and must provide:

  • A recent, industry-related white paper, brief or research report with your byline, published within the last two (2) months. Reports must be relevant to the industry, made independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies.
  • NOTE: CTIA will not accept links to your company home page, bio or articles where you are quoted. Industry, company or analyst firm event blogs/posts will not be accepted.

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Not Eligible for Media/Analyst Pass

If any of the conditions below apply, please proceed to Attendee Registration.

  • Any marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, art director/designer, publisher, associate publisher, brand executive, IT, business development or other NON-EDITORIAL professionals of any media organization;
  • Any contributor or freelancer, who also works in any marketing/PR, business development, executive or IT capacity, etc., and contributes bylined articles or blog postings to news organizations;
  • Any contributor, reporter , editor, business development, marketing, sales, IT or executive, etc., associated with any industry, community, trade group or industry newsletter.

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