Service Order Kit (SOK)

CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Additional VendorsCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Booth Construction/RegulationsCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Booth FurnishingsCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Exhibitor ConsoleCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Exhibitor Appointed ContractorsCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Hanging Sign/TrussCTIA Super Mobility 2015 InsuranceCTIA Super Mobility 2015 LaborCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Material Handling/FreightCTIA Super Mobility 2015 Utilities

Most Requested Information:

CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Rules & Regulations  PDF 
Directory of Official Vendors / Services  PDF 
Catering PDF 
Deadline Checklist PDF
After Hours Show Floor Meeting Request Form PDF 
Targeted Move in Floor Plan PDF 
Helpful Tips for First-Time Exhibitors Online Video
Quick Facts PDF
Las Vegas Fire Rules & Regulations PDF
Meeting Room Rules & Regulations PDF
Meeting Room Graphics PDF
Exhibitor Insurance Assistance PDF
Insurance Certificate Sample PDF
Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Go Green PDF

For questions, please contact John Cesaretti at [email protected] or (202) 736-2988.

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Registration Assistance:

(801) 676-7980
[email protected].

(801) 676-7950
[email protected].

Housing Assistance:

(800) 421-6338 (Toll Free U.S. & Canada)
(415) 979-2289 (Outside U.S. & Canada)
[email protected]

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