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Welcome, CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Speakers!

Thank you for joining this year’s conference program. We look forward to working with you to deliver meaninful insights and actionable intelligence at the largest mobile event in the Western Hemisphere! Please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions for more on speaker policies, panel preparations and answers to general inquiries.

If you still have questions about your role in the conference program, please email [email protected].

Speaker Portal Login

Speaker Policies

Panel Preparation Requirements

General Information

Speaker Policies

Speaking Invitations

CTIA, and in some cases, our education partner at Northwestern University, issues all speaking invitations. All speaker confirmations and cancellations must be processed directly through CTIA. Moderators are not permitted to extend or confirm speaking opportunities.

Panelist Requirements
  1. Login to the Speaker Portal to verify the Speaker Profile information ASAP. The Speaker Portal login details were provided in the speaker’s confirmation email. You may update the Speaker Profile at any time, but please make sure the speaker’s accurate email address is on file. The profile information will be used for registration purposes only and will not be made public unless you choose to do so. If the speaker does not provide an accurate email address, he/she will not receive a show registration pass/badge.
  2. Sign the Speaker Release Form as soon as possible. A signed release form is required to participate in in any CTIA conference session. Please select and electronically sign the appropriate release form below:

    Mobile Intelligence Conference Speaker Release Form

    MobileCON Thought Leadership Speaker Release Form
  3. A member of the CTIA Super Mobility Team and/or your session moderator will touch base with you before the event about your session’s content. Depending on the session, you may be asked to join a conference call or prepare some information before you arrive onsite at the event. Conference calls will be scheduled and facilitated by your moderator in August.
  4. Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early, before your scheduled session start time at the designated session location. A member of the CTIA Super Mobility Team will greet you there and provide any staging instructions.
Speaker Schedule Conflicts & Substitutes
  • In the event a confirmed speaker is unable to fulfill his/her professional commitment to participate at CTIA Super Mobility 2015, contact CTIA directly and ASAP to make CTIA conference organizers aware of the speaker’s inability to participate. Communication with the moderator is not sufficient, and the canceling company must contact CTIA directly.
  • Neither the moderator nor the canceling company is permitted to automatically change or substitute speakers.
  • The canceling company is not guaranteed a speaking position for a suggested alternate representative.
  • CTIA may, at its discretion, consider comparable executives from the canceling company among the pool of alternates for the vacant position.


Moderator Role

Thank you for agreeing to dedicate your time and talents to moderate a CTIA conference session. Your role as moderator is critical to the success of your session and the conference program. We hope you also enjoy this opportunity to connect with new contacts and demonstrate thought leadership.

Each moderator is expected to introduce him/herself to the panelists via email and to collaborate with them in August via conference call and/or email. CTIA will provide moderators with panelists’ contact information and a sample moderator intro email. (Tip: an online scheduling tool like www.Doodle.com may make coordinating schedules a little easier.)

When collaborating with your panelists, please consider these points:

  • Set the primary objective and vision for the panel discussion. With what new understanding should the audience walk away? For example, you may discuss business or customer benefits, the possibilities and field results of a new technology, market drivers, current and projected adoption, current issues, practical applications and more.
  • Structure the time allocated for the session, how much time you’d like to spend on introductory remarks (as the moderator), individual remarks, multimedia content (demos/videos/slides), audidence Q&A. Please refer all panelists to CTIA’s multimedia specs and templates should you decide to include them in your session.
  • Suggest some proposed questions for which your panelists can prepare. Most panelists will feel more comfortable if they can prepare at least a couple responses.
  • Set the ground rules about contexual sharing vs. promoting or selling company/product information. Comments and experiences relevant to the dialogue are great, but they need to save the sales pitches for exhibit floor.
  • Encourage speakers to command attention, be bold and engage the audience thru storytelling, case studies, factoids, descriptive language and future projections.
  • Onsite, plan to meet your panelists 20 minutes before your session start time to make introductions, reiterate the vision, structure and ground rules and obtain AV support as needed.
Speaker Role

Thank you for speaking and sharing your expertise at CTIA Super Mobility. CTIA expects the following from speakers:

  • Engage and collaborate before the event. Speakers will be contacted in August either by CTIA or their session moderator to discuss their session topic, content and structure. It’s very important that you make yourself available for this dialogue.  
  • Prepare for your session. Following your moderator’s lead, you may need or want to prepare a few responses, stats, case studies or multimedia (demos/videos/slides). Where appropriate, please refer to CTIA’s multimedia specs and templates.
  • Share stories, case studies, factoids, compelling stats and projections with the audience, but please refrain from making any sales pitches. Overt company product/service pitches are not permitted.
  • Onsite, plan to meet your moderator and fellow panelists 20 minutes before your session start time to make introductions obtain AV support as needed.
Presentation Tips & Guidelines

To ensure that CTIA provides the best possible experience and a consistent approach to all of our presentations, we ask our speakers to incorporate the following into every presentation:

  • Presentations should include at least one example of a real-life deployment, integration, use case or proof of concept; and/or one customer to co-present, speak or participate on a panel.
  • Presentations must be high-energy, informal and engaging.
  • Presentations should NEVER turn into sales pitches (violators will not be invited to speak at future events).
  • Be commanding and capture an audience’s attention
  • Be bold, confident and present your material as the expert that you are—own it!
  • PowerPoint slides are permitted, but when applicable, defer to your moderator for guidance. Slides should be prepared using a standard 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Please note that the sessions may be filmed or photographed.

General Questions

Speaker Perks

Complimentary Registration Pass to CTIA Super Mobility 2015

The CTIA Super Mobility team will automatically register each speaker, using the details in the Speaker Profile, for a complimentary Education Pass, which provides access to:

Registration and Badge Pickup

The CTIA Super Mobility 2015 team will automatically register each speaker, using the details in the Speaker Profile. Once the CTIA Super Mobility team has registered you for your complimentary Education Pass, speakers will receive a registration confirmation email and will be able to pick up your badge onsite. Please note that for security reasons, your registration confirmation email will not include your password. You must reset your password on this page after you have received your registration confirmation email.

Legal Release Forms
Session Details & Layouts
  • Session seating capacities for CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas will seat roughly 100 attendees.
  • Each session stage will feature a stage, podium with a microphone and panelist microphones. Each session will be is equipped with an AV technician, projector, screen, laptop and laptop cables. Additional AV requirements must be communicated to CTIA ([email protected]) prior to August 10, 2015.
  • Mobile Intelligence Conference Stages – Venetian Ballroom

(Click image to view in PDF format.)

(Click image to view in PDF format.)

Session Audience

Session attendees represent a cross-section of the mobile industry. The CTIA Super Mobility show attracts service operators, retailers/distributors, applications providers, enterprise and vertical market users, content providers and mobile web companies—any company who values the potential, excitement, efficiency and immediacy of mobile technology. Note: Many CTIA conference sessions require an Education Pass for access.

A/V Equipment, Multimedia Specs & Templates

Presentation Templates – PowerPoint 4:3 aspect ratio

Stage Size: 18’ wide x 8’ deep x 24” high

Audio Video
1-Audio System 1-Screen – 7’6" x 10’
Incl. 4 Powered Speakers, stands, mixer, processing rack, and cabling 1-Projector – 6,500 Lumen LCD XGA (4:3)
2-Foldback  Speakers (On Stage) 1-Distro Amp
1-Stereo Mixer (16 mic inputs) 1-Barco PDS-902 (Switcher)
1-Lectern mic (Slim line) 1-Elmo Visual Pres. (Video Overhead)
6-T-Bar Microphone (MX-412) 1-Wireless Mouse
1-Audio Snake 1-Laptop
2-UHF Wireless Hand held Microphone  
2-DI Box Computer sound  
1-MP3 Player  
Session Filming & Photography

Select sessions or segments may be filmed, photographed and posted/shared with the CTIA network. A signed Legal Release Form is required for all speakers to participation in the the CTIA conference program. Send inquiries to [email protected].

Press & PR
  • We expect hundreds of reporters and analysts to attend CTIA Super Mobility 2015. The specific number or type of press at each session cannot be guaranteed.
  • CTIA recommends you and your company help publicize your speaking appearance through a press release and an active digital and social media campaign.
  • The pre-registered press/media list is available only to exhibitors, official partners and speakers. Click here to assign a PR Contact and access the pre-registered media list. Speakers’ PR agents should only contact the reporters and analysts covering their speaker’s beat; do not blast the entire list.
  • The CTIA PR Team is also available to help promote your company’s show-related announcements and may be able to identify interviews and spotlights with important trade magazines and national news outlets.

Contact: Send announcement plans and media inquiries to [email protected].

Hotel & Travel

Please visit CTIA’s Hotel & Travel page for travel discounts and special show rates at hotels in the official CTIA Super Mobility hotel block. CTIA does not pay for or reimburse travel and hotel expenses.

View official hotels, rates and room availability

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