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Date:  9/9/2015–9/10/2015
Time:  10:30 AM–5:00 PM
Location:  Venetian Ballroom


CTIA Super Mobility 2015 is set to feature a brand new take on education.

CTIA Super Mobility 2015 is introducing a bold, new approach to the speaker sessions – one that opens dialogue, advances the art of the possible and compels the wireless industry forward. CTIA has partnered with Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering to bring a new level of unbiased thought leadership underpinned by world-class technical research and business sense. The sessions promise to educate on the technical while grounding in business value, illuminate past learnings while pushing out to the bleeding edge, examine open issues while inspiring with stories of bold innovation.  
Session Tracks
  1. Future Mobile Networks: From 5G & next gen networks to microcells, MBMS to security, the foundational fabric of wireless — present and future — will be on display and up for debate… view sessions >>
  2. Connected Life: The applications and services that engage the user and bring wireless to life — from “The Internet of Things” and “Mobile Marketing” to “Retail & Mobile CE” and everything in between… view sessions>>
  3. Innovation – Startups: What’s new and surprising in wireless—and beyond? How are visionary entrepreneurs creating value with technical innovation, and what novel practices are they using to lead their organizations? view sessions >>
  4. Disruption: Change or Die:What happens when an innovation goes a step further and becomes “disruptive”? How do we foster early recognition, adaptation and, ultimately, new opportunities for profit? view sessions >>
  5. Washington Goes Mobile: No matter how advanced your technology or how innovative your product/service is, unless you have a thorough grasp of how government policy relates to mobile, you’re taking unnecessary risks. Through wide-ranging overviews, deep dives into specific issues and interaction with Washington insiders, you’ll be ahead of your competitors by knowing what’s happening in D.C. view sessions >>

View all Mobile Intelligence Conference Sessions >>

Session Types (within a track)
  1. Educational sessions… “Because big goals need powerful and uncomplicated information.”
    • The Overview – An integrated big picture review of the past year in the wireless industry. In addition, an overview of the CTIA show, itself.
    • The Foundation – Straight-forward tutorials, particularly addressing technical content, but framed within the context of the business.
    • Case Study – Industry stories highlighting best (and perhaps some worst) practices, drawing from corporate, start-up and student-led.
    • The Wrap-Up – A summary of the day’s content.
  2. Stir-the-Pot sessions… “Because big goals need a 360-degree view and a bold yet steady hand.”
    • What Keeps Us Up At Night – Moderated industry panels that represent different views of a single industry issue (e.g. Net Neutrality, Spectrum).
    • Pushing the Envelope – Subject matter experts speaking to the new and unproven, recently launched in the wireless industry or still in “the lab” (e.g. 3D Printing, remote controlled cars).
  3. Personal sessions… “Because people with big dreams deserve creative, fruitful and uncomplicated lives.”
    • Geared toward the individual, these sessions are designed for a fresh break from professional life. Example topics include mental puzzlers, personal money management, understanding the millennials, busy person’s tips and tricks to healthy living, life stories of boldness and creativity.
Check back here for updated information as CTIA and Northwestern University roll out news and updates regarding sessions and speakers.
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